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In the Home: Youth Engagement

FOR is very grateful to have received a one year grant from the Canada Post Mental Health Foundation  to provide in-home youth engagement services. This service is designed to engage youth who are experiencing mental health distress by developing relationship is the safety of their home. Families who are concerned about a young relatives’ wellness may call Tamara Daniel at 415=6-539-9449 ext. 224 to learn more about the program.

Talk To Youth Lately Program


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The Talk to Youth Lately (TTYL) Mental Health Social Circus and Theatre Program is a group of young people ages 16-30 who have experienced mental health issues or are close friends and family members. TTYL uses a youth engagement approach so all performances are written by young people, together with TTYL professional staff. Since the program began in 2008, TTYL has educated more than 3500 young people and community stakeholders about mental health recovery, anti-discrimination and other relevant ideas both in high schools and at other public forums.


TTYL’s current cabaret-style show is called Minds Matter. This performance focuses on recovery-based messages of hope, and the idea that mental health and illnesses occur on a continuum, which are all “human” experiences. TTYL is thrilled to be performing Minds Matter to approximately 4000 students at the Toronto District School Board in the 2011-2012 school year! The show includes skits about:


• every-day stress

• what it is like to experience depression

• what it is like to experience psychosis and related myths

• how to support a friend

• the main causes of mental health issues

• concerns about stigma and discrimination

• a mini history lesson/fashion show that highlights the differences between past and current practices of the mental health system

• and more!

The entire show is approximately 40-45 minutes and we usually facilitate a q & a afterwards, including a discussion about where students can go to get help. The show is intended to fill one classroom period with time for student arrival and dismissal.

Here is a promo video that can be viewed on Youtube:

For more information or to book a performance, please contact:

Emily Collette

Director of TTYL

Family Outreach and Response (FOR)


TTYL is proudly sponsored by the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport-Healthy Communities Fund, the Christina Mary Hendrie Foundation and the Charles Norcliffe and Thelma Scott Baker Foundation