The Board of Directors

Susan Lemeasurier: Susan is the Past Chairperson of the Board. She has been on the board of directors since 2008. She brings both her experience as an educator and family member. Susan was instrumental in implementing TTYL in the Toronto District School Board.

Julie Wood: Julie presently holds the role of Chairperson and Treasurer. Julie is a CA by profession and a mental health advocate by passion.

Rebekah Tsingos: Rebekah is an educator and has the experience as a family member. She is the secretary to the board.

Val Logaridis: Val is a real estate agent and also a family member. Val is also helping to set up our fundraising strategy.

Jin Hee Kim: Jin is a family member and also works as a mental health case manager.

Kelly Schwartz: Kerry brings valuable board experience and is a chartered accountant.