Marian Dalal

Marian Dalal is an Early Intervention Family Worker, primarily working with ethnoracial families in the Scarborough area. Marian is committed to help, support, and empower families who have relatives with mental health issues.

Marian immigrated to Canada in late 1980s with her brother. Shortly after their arrival in Toronto, her brother became unwell and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia, an illness about which Marian had little knowledge of. Apart from adversely effecting her brother’s normal youth life, the illness had seriously impacted on Marian’s social and psychological well-being for a number of years due to the stigma that is often associated with mental health issues as well as lack of personal and professional help and support.

In the midst of so many limitations and barriers faced by new immigrations, Marian however, courageously took up the challenge and empowered herself with education and skills that further enhance her ability to advocate for her brother and to also help him recover. Notwithstanding her brother’s illness and other social barriers, Marian enrolled herself into Centennial College and graduated with a Diploma and later completed a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from York University.