Faces of FOR

  • Karyn Baker was once the only staff person at the Family Outreach and Response program. Her passion and efforts to create a recovery based family support program have resulted in a growing and energetic program. Now she works as Executive Director. On top of managing the organization she also provides supports to family and friends of those recovering from serious mental health issues. She can be reached at 416-539-9449 ext.222.
  • The Board Of Directors meet monthly. The majority of the board consists of family members of people recovering from mental health struggles. FOR recently incorporated and received charitable status with Revenue Canada in 2004.
  • Emily Collette Emily Collette heads the Youth Engagement Program and also offers support and education to families who have a relative experiencing signs of an early psychosis at the downtown office. Emily’s own lived experience gives her great insight into the anguish of mental health distress but also the hope that recovery does happen. Emily is the proud initiator of the innovative Talk to Youth Lately program which has received recognition through the Toronto District School Board. Emily recently completed her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Windsor. She is away on maternity leave until June 2014.
  • Lara Hallway - Currently working as the Early Intervention Family Recovery Coordinator, Lara provides individual and group counseling support and education, as well as family therapy to families who have a young person recovering from psychosis. She recently completed her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Toronto, and is currently training to become a yoga therapist. Lara strongly believes in recovery, and uses her lived experience, education and background in yoga and mindfulness in her counseling approach.
  • Marian Dalal works primarily in the Scarborough office offering Early Intervention support and education services to families. Marian offers services to families in both English and Somali. She can be reached by calling 416-439-2253. More about Marian here.
  • Calista Rajakariar  works in Scarborough offering Early Intervention support and education services to families. Calista speaks Tamil and also offers services in Tamil when requested. She can be reached by calling 416-439-2221.
  • Elly Litvak is thrilled to be a part of the FOR team supporting families and friends of people struggling with mental health issues. Elly is coordinator of the family mental health recovery program where she provides educational workshops, one-on-one counseling and develops curriculum. Elly is a wellness and recovery specialist with over 20 years experience in mental health. She can be reached by calling 416-539-9449 ext.225
  • Linda Amato has been the office manager since 2006. FOR values her experience in office administration and love of family. She can be reached by calling Linda Amato 416-539-9449 ext. 226
  • Tamara Daniel - Tamara Daniel is very excited to be building F.O.R.’s Youth Engagement Program, offering support to young people in the early stages of mental health distress who are either unwilling to or unaware of how to access traditional mental health services. In addition to providing one-on-one counseling, service coordination, and group facilitation, Tamara is looking forward to engaging young people to help her develop a strong youth group that meets the needs of this population. Tamara has completed her Masters of Creative Arts Therapies and has done additional training within the mental health field. She can be reached by calling 416-539-9449 ext 224.